Speak Up for Crime Stoppers!
March 03, 2015

The first ever Crime Stoppers Legislative Day  was held on February 23, 2015 in Austin.  The focus of this day is to spread awareness of the impact of Crime Stoppers programs have across the state by contacting elected senators and representatives.  Also, by communicating and engaging with local constituents the important work the local crime stoppers program does for the community.

Crime Stoppers Month
March 03, 2015

Each year, the month of January is identified as Crime Stoppers Month to raise awareness of Crime Stoppers' successes and to inspire other to become involved.  Crime Stoppers has created an effective method for solving crimes and helping citizens take back control of their neighborhoods.

Since 1981, 1.4 million tips have resulted in nearly 200,000 suspects arrested and more than $1.4 billion recovered in property and narcotics.  In addition to safer communities, Crime Stoppers has also helped create safer schools.  In 2014, more than 150 weapons and $300,000 in illegal drugs were removed from Texas Schools.

Governor Perry issued a proclamation stating January 2015 to be Crime Stoppers Month.


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